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Food Truck Friday

1) Face coverings must be worn on EVFD property at all times (this includes waiting in line for food, waiting in line to enter the food truck area, walking in the food truck area, etc.). If you are not wearing a mask, you will be asked to leave the line and/or denied entry to the top lot. You will be asked to correct your mask if it's not being worn properly.
2) This is a carryout only event. Food may not be consumed on EVFD property, and indoor and outdoor seating will be closed.
3) Social distancing is required at all times on EVFD property.
4) Only 50 people will be permitted inside of the food truck perimeter at any time i.e. the top lot of the station. This means you may need to wait in line before you can access the truck area. There will be a designated entry and exit so we can keep track of the number of people entering and exiting the lot.
5) Congregating on EVFD property will not be permitted. This one is tough! We know Food Truck Friday has historically been a community event where neighbors and friends socialize. Unfortunately, to comply with local ordinances and allow people to access the trucks more quickly, this will be a “grab and go” event only.
6) Our volunteers will be on site throughout each event to answer questions and enforce these rules.

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